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Microsoft 'Beneath the Surface' Campaign 
Sponsored by Microsoft
Category: Science and Technology

Thavius Beck is a music producer, PLAINS consultant/ co - cretaor,  inventor, teacher, research scientist and performing artist. He uses Surface with software like Bitwig Studio and Ableton Live to bring his sound to life. In this video, Thavius folds Surface into his creative process eliminating much of the heavy audio gear he used to use. We get to see how the versatility of Surface has changed the way he composes, performs, and teaches.
'Flying Spaghetti Monster' Campaign

Sponsors: Canada Council for the Arts, Government of Canada
Category: Experimental film/music

Flying Spaghetti Monster - SAUVAGE REMIX (ONE TAKE SHORT FILM)

 An experimentation in sound, storytelling, composition, genre, editing and manipulation of stereo space in 3D spectrum. Shot in Paris, to be equal parts performance art, theater, experimental music, a critical thinking  platform and experimental film. Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, this explosive, meticulous, comedic multi - media camapaign has created pathways, dialogue, connectivity, workshops, mentor ships, and musical invention throughout Canada, The United States, and Europe.
Sponsors: Canada Council for the Arts, Government of Canada
Category: Experimental film/music/performance

Thavius Beck writes;

Meanwhile, PLAINS is constantly plotting... This short film is the result of us leaving @iraleeiswack stranded alone in a forest for 52 hours straight with nothing but fractured memories of a verse he once wrote... Needless to say, he's happy to be back home, and we're happy to share the documented footage..  #PLAINS in 4K

Remixed / music by M A R (Grégoire Orio & Julien Magot) for PLAINS


Shot in Paris and Tours, France

Directed by / DOP Gregoire Orio

Written and conceived by PLAINS

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