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PLAINS designs, manages and facilitates youth driven campaigns for digital firms, collectives, researchers and young inventors. Our focus is youth oriented, new technology and innovative community capacity building strategy. We use performing arts, technology, storytelling, teaching, and digital interactivity as engagement catalyst's. We are  music teachers, musicians, and award nominated trans- disciplinary artists with a combined history of artistic performance and technological innovation rivaled by few internationally. 

Committed to and inspired by 'open platform development' activities. Manufacturing and production of blueprints, research and user manuals, code constructions, public domain tools, new technology, research, music and data. Our innovative approach and portable invention teaches basic math, physics, programming, composition, digital editing, basic analogue/ digital electronics, mechanical language, Linux, basic CAD and unorthodox and innovative uses of sound / modified / d-i- y new technology production, performance / and portable youth engagement toolkits.

Empowering the global digital community with innovative new Canadian arts, music and learning technology and processes. We pride ourselves on connecting, supporting and empowering artists,  arts and culture programmers, and minority youth artists that experiment in new technology and artistic practices.

PLAINS first youth driven, Indigenous /Inuit/Metis/ African / Minority/ LGBTQQIP2SAA servicing, trans - disciplinary digital annex, community engagement kit and masterclass workshops in new technology launch March 1st / 2019. In partnership with several school systems, government arts and digital innovation programs, private, and international music, media, educational, urban, rural, remote and unorthodox uses of public space, and a plethora of new international technology /experimental performance workshops and community engagements.


PLAINS is privileged and honored to acknowledge the Canada Council for the Arts as our first, major digital innovation collaborator and community youth initiative sponsor. We look forward to many more diverse academic/ community/Elder consultation partnership announcements soon, so as to engage as many urban, rural and remote communities as feasible with increased access to mentors and portable learning & new music technology. Exploring themes of reconciliation, harm reduction, diverse language, LGBTQQIP2SAA inclusivity /awareness, Immigrant and minority inclusiveness, and public dialogue in arts and culture throughout Canada in 2018 /2019.

Thavius Beck and Ira Lee 


Developing new approaches to organizational, and individual models and management practices 

Master level training and mentor ship implementing and adapting to new commercial technologies 

Creating frameworks for shared learning and networking, resource exchange, international collaboration

Publishing of 'open source' new technology prototype designs, instructional manuals and learning materials, production and creative tools

Organizing conferences, symposia and workshops  exploring African/First Nations/Immigrant uses of new technology in rural, hard to reach and unorthodox spaces

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Ira Lee Creative Director/ Philanthropy and Cultural Development


Visuals / Film/ Photography by Gregoire Orio and Ira Lee

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